About Us

Global VIllage Photo is part of Global Village Festival and display photos from photographers with concept of Global Village and Immigration.

The Global Village Festival is an annual celebration. It is the largest multicultural festival in Canada and has taken place in Mel Lastman Square and North York Civic Centre.

The event is the largest multicultural festival in Canada. It includes participation from the European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, South Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean communities, and many more.....

We strongly believe in the benefits of diverse communities coming together to share their cultures and traditions.

We aim to promote cultural diversity through cooperation and participation by both local and surrounding communities.

Each year, festival growing and have several cultural sections like: Stage performances, Book Expo, Photo Expo, Taste of Global, Film Festival, ...
To provide a platform that is both education- and live entertainment-based, allowing guests to explore cultural music, cultural dance and cultural food which have no language and are often universal in nature.

Unique. Inclusive. Convenient.

This is what the the Global Village Festival has to offer. We want you to take a trip around the world without leaving your doorstep!